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Nidaan Wellness Center


We are one of the fastest growing and smartly emerging Wellness Centers in Gwalior, Nidaan Wellness Center, with highly trained professionals and supportive staff dedicated to bringing about long-term changes in people's behavior. As an NGO, we are passionately committed to transforming mankind and humanity. With our esteemed support staff and engaged clients, we firmly believe we can transform the odds in a person's life, nature, and behavior.

We don't want to boast, but we have achieved an outstanding success rate of 93.4%. We firmly believe that a life changed is a life saved. Through our dedicated work for society, we take immense pride and gratitude in having positively impacted the lives of 300+ individuals for the betterment of society and humanity. Our founder has poured his heart and soul into this place, Nidaan Wellness Center, located in Gwalior. Since our inception, we have cultivated trust and faith among our clients, who we consider not just clients but family. By the time they come to stay with us, we embrace them as part of the Nidaan family. Here, they find a familiar and friendly environment that empowers them to build the willpower to change and become better individuals.

Recognizing our unwavering dedication and hard work, the government has extended their support and approved our process, paving the way for a brighter future.

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Gwalior Office Hours: Monday-Sunday 24X7
Address: Anand Nagar, Behind Harihar Park, Bahodapur, Gwalior, 474012

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